McKail Seely is a indie Folk/Rock/Soul artist originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She began performing at the early age of eight years old. She joined dancing/singing groups which led her to perform across Utah and tour throughout Southern California and Colorado.


At age fourteen, McKail picked up the guitar and never looked back. Soon after, she began performing on a weekly basis at local venues, restaurants, coffee shops, festivals, fairs, and weddings. She also teamed up with a variety of Salt Lake based musicians for performances and recorded her first EP of five original songs.


In 2012, she left all she had known and decided to make the next necessary step to pursue her career and moved to Hollywood, California. Soon after, she began studying at Musician's Institute and graduated with a Certificate in Independent Artist Development. Since arriving in Los Angeles, McKail has played at countless venues in LA and Nashville and has teamed up with many talented musicians from all walks of life; including the legendary Leon Russell who she opened up for at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills in August of 2015. May he rest in peace. 


In March of 2015, she also joined Ashley Maietta and Ariana Tibi and formed the mystical female trio, Luci. Together they have performed at various venues in LA (i.e. Troubadour), Nashville, San Francisco, & Salt Lake City. In 2018 and 2019, they opened for the phenomenal Pat Benatar for 4 tour dates. Their latest release, “So What” can be heard on all digital platforms. 


In September of 2015, McKail released the incredibly mature four song EP “Ride of Life,” which she recorded in Chicago, Illinois with producer Zak “Fox” Jablow. 


In April 2019, McKail released a moody single that she co-produced with Danny Byrne called, “Align”. The song is loaded with human emotion and messages of truth and healing. While McKail is still on her California journey, she is gearing up to release another single called, "The Past" which will be available on all platforms in February of 2020.

Stay true and stay tuned!

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